14 April 2012: Three Falcons, a Savannah, and a Blue-headed Vireo

Blue-headed Vireo Vireo solitarius

Blue-headed Vireo

We had a very productive Saturday morning walk in the North End — 52 species, our highest one-day total for the season — including all three falcons generally seen in the Park.

A Peregrine Falcon flew overhead just as the walk was starting. About forty minutes later a Merlin briefly alighted atop a tree just south of the Great Hill. Soon afterward an American Kestrel flew over the Great Hill and then perched on the tallest nearby building on Central Park West.

Lenore spotted a Savannah Sparrow on the east area of the Great Hill, our first of the season, making it a eight-sparrow day (along with Field, Towhee, Chipping, Swamp, Junco, Song, and White-throated).

Between Huddlestone Arch and Lasker Rink, Starr heard a Blue-headed Vireo (also a first for the year) and soon we had good looks at it, along with a raccoon resting in the tree nearby.

Though not on the official walk, Starr did join some of her group to see the Yellow-throated Warbler in Riverside Park after the walk was over.

Highlights of the walk:

Ruby-crowned Kinglets, everywhere

Hermit Thrushes (plentiful)

Louisiana Waterthrush (2, Loch)

Palm Warblers (plentiful)

Yellow-rumped Warblers

Pine Warbler (Loch)

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (Wildflower Meadow/Loch)

Blue-headed Vireo (Lasker Rink)

Winter Wren (Loch)

House Wren (Loch)

Carolina Wren

Savannah Sparrow (Great Hill)

Field Sparrow (Great Hill)

American Kestrel


Peregrine Falcon

Brown-headed Cowbird (Loch)

Great Egret (flyover)

Northern Rough-winged Swallow

Brown Creeper (Loch)