24 April 2012: Blackburnian Heard

After a night of moderate southerly winds, we expected today to be much better than it turned out. It appears that many migrants took advantage of these winds and left the Park overnight without as many coming in to replace them. Tonight’s continued southwesterly flows and warmer temperatures could bring more birds tomorrow.

We still had 41 species in the North End, including great views of male Eastern Towhee in the Ravine, along with Chimney Swift and Northern Rough-winged Swallows over the Meer, and Louisiana Waterthrush at the Loch. House Wren and Carolina Wren also appeared and added some music to the day.

The highlight was hearing a Blackburnian Warbler sing three times on the Ridge Trail across from Lasker Pool. We could not get a view of it. It was our only new bird of the day, our 91st of the year.