26 April 2012: Starr’s Recap of the Week

Saturday was a birder’s dream at the North End of the Park with male Prothonotary, Orange-crowned, and Worm-eating Warblers in the WIldflower Meadow, as well as a female Blue Grosbeak. Wow!

Monday brought us all down to earth with a dull thud. Even the quietest day in late April has its rewards, however, and a beautiful, close Blue-winged Warbler plus a Great Crested Flycatcher provided those.

Tuesday in the North End was beautiful, but would have been more so if we had seen the Blackburnian Warbler that sang several times.

Wednesday things were on the upswing with our first Spotted Sandpiper, as well as Barn Swallows, Blue-headed and Warbling Vireos, Black-and-white Warblers, both Waterthrushes, and more. I can’t wait until Saturday!

Good birding,