11 May 2012: Starr’s Comments

I have been so busy observing the myriad of migrants this week that I forgot to write anything for the blog yesterday.

Monday’s termite hatch south of the Rustic Shelter (in the Ramble) was definitely a highlight. With termites flying everywhere, birds are unafraid of the large mammals drooling over them. Eight of us watched a glowing male Scarlet Tanager, a male Black-throated Blue, several Black-and-whites, a Canada, a Prairie, various Thrush species, and others greedily gobble termites for about 45 minutes. The next day’s male Cape May, Blackburnian, and Rose-breasted Grosbeak (the latter with a lemon-yellow breast — diet?), and a Worm-eating Warbler made for yet again a beautiful morning.

The more I observe the more questions I have. I have mentioned some early arrivals in the past weeks. Did they leave their wintering grounds early, or has their trip been speeded up? I hope to have some answers soon. See you in the Park!

Good birding,