26 May 2012: Yellow-billed Cuckoo

The Yellow-billed Cuckoo was named Cuculus ame...

Yellow-billed Cuckoo

Starr’s group had 44 bird species, of which 8 were warblers, in the Central Park North End this morning.

The two best birds of the day were great finds. At 8:28 AM Starr had the Yellow-billed Cuckoo on the Great Hill. This bird is hard to get even in the fall migration where it tends to occur more frequently than in the spring. At 10:15 AM Starr heard a Kentucky Warbler singing near the north end of the Loch. Several members of the group would later see the bird, which was in heavy vegetation.

Highlights: (* means new bird for the season)

Yellow-billed Cuckoo* (SW and SE corners of the Great Hill)

Kentucky Warbler (north end of Loch)