New York Times Feature on “Birders: The Central Park Effect”

“Birders: The Central Park Effect” will premiere on HBO this coming Monday, 16 July 2012. Elizabeth Jensen of the New York Times wrote the feature article “Film Subjects That Keep Flying Away” on the documentary and its director, Jeffrey Kimball, that mentions Starr Saphir and also includes a photo of her along with Mr. Kimball and other birders appearing in the film.

When you watch the documentary you will appreciate the painstaking care that went into getting excellent video images of the birds, the difficulties of which are discussed in the above article. Altogether 117 species appear in the film and the credits list them in order of appearance. You may enjoy the identification challenge the film provides as many of the birds appear without being explicitly named in the dialogue. Those of you who bird by ear will not be disappointed: the soundtrack comes alive with calls and songs.