First Walk of the Fall Season

English: Great Crested Flycatcher (Myiarchus c...

Great Crested Flycatcher

English: Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, Grands-Jar...

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

Starr’s fall season got off to a great start this morning in the Central Park Ramble. The weather was perfect: high 60’s temperature, some sunshine, no wind. And there were more birds than one might have expected.

We had 40 bird species (so 40 becomes our base number for the Ramble) including 7 warblers and 4 flycatchers, with these highlights:

  • Great Blue Heron (flyover)
  • Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Tupelo Meadow and Azalea)
  • Eastern Wood-Pewee (Gill)
  • Acadian Flycatcher (Azalea Pond)
  • Yellow-bellied Flycatcher (Turtle Pond)
  • Great Crested Flycatcher (Maintenance Meadow)
  • Red-breasted Nuthatch (heard, Turtle Pond)
  • Wood Thrush (Maintenance Meadow)
  • Veery (Azalea Pond)
  • Chestnut-sided Warbler (Gill)
  • Black-and-white Warbler (5+)
  • American Redstart (10+)
  • Common Yellowthroat (Bank Rock Bridge)
  • Northern Waterthrush (Triplets Bridge)
  • Ovenbird (Triplets Bridge)
  • Canada Warbler (4)

The Red-breasted Nuthatch was a new species for the group for the entire year. It has been extremely rare lately. There are no prior eBird reports of it in Manhattan this year, though the ebirdsnyc group on Yahoo has two: one in June and one at the same location yesterday.

The Great Crested Flycatcher is the first one reported in Central Park this fall.

The complete list of birds observed today, which can also be seen through the tab at the top of the page for the 2012 Fall Bird List, is:

1 Mallard
2 Great Blue Heron
3 Herring Gull
4 Rock Pigeon
5 Mourning Dove
6 Chimney Swift
7 Ruby-throated Hummingbird
8 Red-bellied Woodpecker
9 Downy Woodpecker
10 Northern Flicker
11 Eastern Wood-Pewee
12 Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
13 Acadian Flycatcher
14 Great Crested Flycatcher
15 Warbling Vireo
16 Red-eyed Vireo
17 Blue Jay
18 American Crow
19 Red-breasted Nuthatch
20 Barn Swallow
21 Carolina Wren
22 Veery
23 Wood Thrush
24 American Robin
25 Gray Catbird
26 Northern Mockingbird
27 European Starling
28 Cedar Waxwing
29 Ovenbird
30 Northern Waterthrush
31 Black-and-white Warbler
32 Common Yellowthroat
33 American Redstart
34 Chestnut-sided Warbler
35 Canada Warbler
36 Northern Cardinal
37 Common Grackle
38 Baltimore Oriole
39 House Finch
40 House Sparrow