Tennessee Warbler, Strawberry Fields

Tennessee Warbler (Vermivora peregrina) at Sav...

Tennessee Warbler

It was great to have Starr Saphir back and leading her walk on a sunny, 69-degree morning in the Central Park Ramble.  We had 45 species including 11 warblers, with these highlights: (* means new bird for the season)

  • Osprey* (flyover)
  • Eastern Wood-Pewee (north of Hernshead)
  • Yellow-bellied Flycatcher (Upper Lobe)
  • Great Crested Flycatcher
  • White-eyed Vireo* (heard from Maintenance Meadow, first-of-season for the Park)
  • Philadelphia Vireo (between Azalea and Maintenance Meadow)
  • Red-breasted Nuthatch (heard, near 80th and CPW)
  • Veery (Maintenance Meadow)
  • Swainson’s Thrush (Maintenance Meadow)
  • Worm-eating Warbler (Upper Lobe)
  • Tennessee Warbler* (Strawberry Fields, first-of-season for the Park)
  • Northern Parula* (female)
  • Black-throated Blue Warbler*
  • Rose-breasted Grosbeak* (Oven, first-of-season for the Park)
Altogether we added 7 birds to the fall season list.
Activity was light at the start, but things really picked up when we hit some hot spots, which turned out to be the Upper Lobe, Maintenance Meadow, and the inner Ramble area just north of Azalea.
The Osprey was also a new bird for the group for the entire year.
The White-eyed Vireo that Starr heard was later sighted by other birders in Maintenance and reported online.