Sharp-shinned Hawk



Lenore Swenson’s walk in the Central Park Ramble this morning had 32 species including five warblers. Conditions were sunny and calm with temperature around 64.

In a pine tree just north of the 79th Street underpass and near the east Park drive we saw two Red-breasted Nuthatches, which are having an irruptive season. Though we often hear these birds lately, it is much less common that we get to see them.

We had a single Osprey flyover, low enough so that there was no mistaking its distinctive coloring.

It was a banner day for Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. We saw five of them,  which is the most I can recall on any of these walks. They like the yellow jewel-weed that grows, for example, in the Oven.

We also had an early White-throated Sparrow by Azalea and Evodia Field.

The featured bird of the day is the Sharp-shinned Hawk, which is a new bird for both the season and entire year (bringing the 2012 total to 146 species). There was a modest movement of these hawks over the past two days, and we should start to see more of them flapping quickly as they dart across the skies.

Starr Saphir was not in the Park today.