Brown-headed Cowbird, North End

Brown-headed Cowbird in Arlington

Brown-headed Cowbird, male

Lenore Swenson’s walk in the Central Park North End had 46 species including 10 warblers.

The new bird for the season today was the Brown-headed Cowbird. It can appear at any time of year in Central Park, but it is most common during late April when its gurgling song can be heard reliably in the Ramble. It is often seen in February, too. During fall and early winter it is a fairly unusual bird, appearing on less than 5% of lists submitted by eBird users in Manhattan. It is rarely seen in abundance, but you may get a handful of cowbirds associating with a flock of Common Grackles.

Today’s walk also had Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers and Dark-eyed Juncos, both of which made their first seasonal appearance yesterday.

Baltimore Oriole appeared, which we have not been having lately.

Some Red-tailed Hawk flyovers provided entertainment.

We also had Blue-headed Vireo, and in the waterfowl department, Gadwall.

Among the warblers were Ovenbird, Palm, Prairie, and Wilson’s.