Winter Wren, Ramble

Eastern Winter Wren Troglodytes hiemalis, Cent...

Winter Wren

Lenore Swenson’s walk in the Central Park Ramble had 46 species including 8 warblers. Temperatures were in the mid-60s with cloudy skies and the threat of rain that did not arrive during the walk.

We added two new birds for the season, Winter Wren and Wood Duck.

A Winter Wren briefly appeared south of Azalea before hiding in a log. We also had Carolina Wren (as we usually do), including a good visual north of and across the path from the Humming Tombstone area. Since we had Marsh Wren in Tupelo on Monday, all four of the wrens that occur in Central Park (House Wren being the other) have been noted in last few days.

The drake Wood Duck was found in reeds just off the southern shore of Turtle Pond, well-hidden.

The male Hooded Warbler that we saw on Monday seems to like the area just SW of the ringed Tupelo tree that has a large log, as we saw it in the same spot today.

We saw an American Kestrel hunting the Turtle Pond area. Lenore briefly spotted a Belted Kingfisher there by the island.