Evening Grosbeak Arrives in Central Park

Evening Grosbeak. Visitor Centre, Algonquin Pr...

Evening Grosbeak, male

Low coniferous seed supplies in Canada are causing irruptions among many finch species this year. Evening Grosbeak, which is Starr’s favorite bird, has been moving south across the northeastern US in recent weeks.

Two days ago I ran an eBird report that showed observations of Evening Grosbeak in New Jersey at about the same latitude as New York City and in Westchester County just north of here.

Yesterday there was a report of flyover Evening Grosbeak near the East River in midtown.

Today two Evening Grosbeaks appeared in Central Park, in the berry-filled trees ringing Storm Field (also called Blowdown Meadow) on the SE side of the Great Hill. The bird alert came at 12:04 pm and I raced out to see them.

Evening Grosbeak has been absent from Central Park for a long time. The last report on eBird is from 1998.

Their overall size, coloring, and large bills make them unmistakable. They love bird feeders and will flock to them. (The only feeders in Central Park are at Evodia Field in the Ramble. These feeders are well-hidden beneath large trees and it will take birds some time to find them. Right now fruits and seeds are still widely available so birds do not need to look for feeders.)

If you learn their calls you’ll know when they are around. Good luck!

–David Barrett