An Update from Starr

It’s about time I wrote to guys, isn’t it?

I did very few of my walks this fall due to cancer and chemotherapy. I missed meeting many people from around the country and the world who had seen Birders: The Central Park Effect, and I missed many hours with my friends, the regulars. It was not your loss, however, as Lenore led most of the walks and Alex led a few — it was mine.

I still don’t know about next spring as I had a setback last week. My chemotherapy leaked into my arm a little. That can be dangerous, although I will probably be OK from it. I am investigating having a port (catheter) implanted in my chest next week. Because of prior medical history, I need to have a couple of consultations first. If I can have it, then I could resume chemotherapy the following week. I will try to keep you informed.