A Message from Starr

Happy new year everyone!

I just got back from Inwood Hill Park where I had eight species. Last year I ended up with 396 birds across the United States, the first time I have had less than 400 species in a year in about 35 years. Oh, well! I have high hopes for this year.

The contest of 2012 that I have been watching with great interest all year is a big year in Manhattan. Our webmaster, David Barrett, led the eBird New York County rankings for much of the year. Yesterday, as David reported here, he was able to add two rare birds, Horned Lark and Snow Bunting. David finished with a whopping 208 species. Congratulations!

I have done several big years and they take many hours. Strategy, stamina, the right winds at the right time, and just plain good luck. Modern communications are invaluable.

To all birders out there, the best of everything in 2013!